Portofino Solar Pro Side Post Umbrella

10ft x 10ft Side Post Umbrella

The Portofino Side Post Solar Pro Umbrella comes with a 110V power charger for indoor display, cloudy days and whenever extended hours may be needed. (It is a AC/DC/Solar power sources design with replaceable, rechargeable battery.) The Portofino Solar Pro is a one of a kind design. The Solar Lighting System uses a lens with a special internal reflector that disperses light evenly for maximum light output and run time. Owners of the Portofino Solar Pro will appreciate the low maintenance of the solar lighting system that charges by day and turns on automatically by night (lights can be disabled with an on/off switch). Lights are manufactured from durable, nylon resin for weather resistance, and the pre-assembled solar panels are designed to withstand rain, moisture and condensation. The Portofino Solar Pro Umbrella was designed so that the consumer can set it up wherever they want with no messy electrical cords.

  • 10ft x 10ft Side Post Aluminum Umbrella
  • 100% SunDura, Sunbrella "B" or Sunbrella "A" canopies available
  • All SunDura canopies come with a white vent top and white trim
  • Sunbrella canopies come with matching vent top and no trim
  • Double top, allows for heat and wind to escape. Creates stability in winds up to 35 mph.
  • Tilts to nearly any angle. The new-patented user-friendly tilting handle allows you to tilt the umbrella with ease.
  • Rotates 360 degrees. The base has a foot pedal that you step on in order to rotate the umbrella. Simply release the pedal and the umbrella will lock in any location.
  • Center "Moon" Light and "Star" Lights along the Ribs.
  • 25 feet of cable
  • Low Voltage Transformer, safe near pools
  • 3-Way Switch: Off, Low & High
  • 8 "ribbed" ribs
  • The Portofino Pro comes with Champagne Powder coated aluminum Frame.
  • Matching Powder coated portable Cross Base measuring 38" x 38". Can be held in place with 4 (16" x 16") patio stones, planters or secured to a deck with bolts.(Stones, Planters and Bolts Not Included)
  • Main Pole: 71mm x 51mm (3in. x 2in.)rectangular "ribbed pole" 8'8" tall. The ribbed design gives added strength.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • All joints and hubs are made of Nylon. They will only flex, not chip or break like plastic. This allows for complete strength and durability. Maintenance free!
  • Unique cable and pulley system are built into the frame. They are not exposed to the harmful elements of weather.
  • Can be closed in seconds
  • Umbrella closes against the pole in a cone position when not in use.
  • Umbrella and base weighs 75lbs. (Umbrella with pole weighs 30lbs. base weighs 45lbs.)
Solar Light Features
  • Built in Moon and Start Lights Solar System with easy 2 way switch
  • LED Solar Rope Light System installed into each of the 8 umbrella ribs.
  • No Messy Electrical Cords or outlets to fuss with
  • Generates and store's its own power during the day and then releases it at night
  • Advanced solar technology, Light emitting diodes (LED)
  • LED have no filaments that will burn out like ordinary light bulbs
  • Auto dusk to dawn with manual override
  • Provides brighter light and stays lit longer -Stays lit up to 8-10 hours
  • Silent, unobtrusive operation (solar cell mounts on top of the main frame)
  • Battery's mounted inside of the umbrella base tube
  • Energy Saver No need for electricity or replacing batteries

Optional Accessories

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Deck Mounting Base
Small footprint, low profile, mounting base, designed to be bolted to your wooden deck or patio.

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Wind Stabilizers
Helps to steady the umbrella canopy from oscillating during in windy conditions. Available in black only.
  • Easy installation and user friendly clamps that attach to center post and frame
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Simple structure, high intensity, light weight

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Mosquito Netting
It protects your family and pets not only from biting flies and, but also from hot sun, glare, harmful UV rays, passing showers and more. Great for entertaining or simply relaxing anytime you choose. 
  • Removable
  • Each side zippers to each other in the corners
  • Made from tiny nylon fabric fibers that even the smallest pests count not enter
  • All Hardware is all made of stainless steel it will never rust or corrode.    Stainless steel clamps, with plastic ends, attach to umbrella for sturdy construction and prevent fabric damage
  • Cuts down on sun glare and harmful UV rays.
  • Can be fixed to ground by inserting pins into soft ground through stainless steel grommets on each of the bottom of the sides.

WandaTech was sold to Treasure Garden in 2014 and will only supply replacement parts until the end of 2015

This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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