Fabric Choices for Galtech Umbrellas

Fabric Choices for Galtech Umbrellas

Made in the Shade, Suncrylic & Sunbrella Fabrics Swatches

These are the Fabric Styles & Color choices for Galtech Umbrellas .  These are all available in their "Quick Ship" promise to ship your order within 7-10 business days from the date of your order.

Not all fabrics & styles are available on all Galtech umbrella models for our "Quick Ship" Program.  Refer to each umbrella models product page to see what is available for that particular model. If the canopy color is listed in the drop down box on that umbrella page, that canopy should be available for "Quick Ship"

Suncrylic Fabric Styles & Colors

Suncrylic is a solution dyed acrylic fabric similar to Sunbrella. The look and feel is also similar to Sunbrella. Quality is much better than regular canvas, nylon, polyester, most Olefins and Glenn Tuff fabrics.  1 Year Warranty.  Suncrylic Canopies are available for 6', 7.5' and 9' umbrellas.

Black (20)

Canvas (21)

Forest Green (22)

White (24)

Taupe (25)

Navy (28)

Aqua Blue (36)

Papaya (35)

Antique Beige (29)

Cardinal Red (26)

Caribbean Blue (23)

Rust (37)

Sunbrella "B" Fabric Styles & Colors

Sunbrella's world famous brand of outdoor fabrics make life easy. Most are Fade-resistant, stain-resistant and livable. Sunbrella's fabrics are worry-free and incredibly long lasting. From the bright sun to greasy meatballs, Sunbrella fabrics are tough enough to withstand the extremes of Mother Nature along with all the little accidents that come from everyday living. Sunbrella's rich fabrics will remain beautiful summer after summer, spill after spill. Indoors or outdoors, Sunbrella fabrics are versatile. Whenever you need the best quality outdoor fabric for your awning, furniture or umbrella, Sunbrella fabrics can make it happen with quality style and flare. Sunbrella fabrics are durable, beautiful and comfortable.   3 Year Warranty.

Black (50)

Canvas (51)

Forest Green (52)

Pacific Blue (53)

Natural (54)

Taupe (55)

Jockey Red (56)

Burgundy (57)

Navy Blue (58)

Antique Beige (59)

Tuscan (60)

Celadon (61)

Minerals (62)

Spa (64)

Brick (65)

Coal (66)

Fern (67)

Teak (68)

Brass (69)

Walnut (70)

Camel (72)

True Blue (73)

Not Available (74)

Henna (63)

Heather Beige (76)

Sunflower Yellow (77)

Buttercup (45)

Cocoa (49)

Parrot (46)

Tangerine (47)

Air Blue (48)

Bay Brown (71)

Terracotta (43)

Sunbrella "A" Fabric Styles & Colors

From elegant weaves and subdued hues indoors to fabulous, festive colors and patterns outdoors, Sunbrella furniture fabric offers incredible resistance to stains, weather and wear no matter where it's used. It's the ideal solution for easy living.  These fabrics are more intricate and take longer to make, thus costing a bit more.  3 Year Warranty.

Sesame Linen (80)

Dolce Oasis (82)

Henna Dupione (88)

Straw Linen (80)

Stone Linen (85)

Champagne Linen (87)

Papaya Dupione (98)

Pampas Linen (89)

Bravada Salsa (81)

Dolce Mango (81)

Chili Linen (96)

Harwood Crimson (86)

Bamboo-Dupione (90)

Crimson Dupione (94)

Sand Dupione (97)

Antique Beige Rib (91)

Walnut Dupione (92)
Taupe / Antique Beige Rib (93)

DISCLAIMER: We have made an effort to provide fabric Images that closely represent the fabric colors. However, due to all the possible variants -- light source, monitor quality, etc. -- we can not guarantee that the fabric Images accurately represent the true fabric colors. Please take this into consideration if you are trying to color match materials. We do have a swatch book that can be purchased to see actually samples of the fabric. The price of the swatch book will be deducted from any umbrella order you purchase within 30 days one time.

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