Replacement Bottom Pole - Teak for Galtech 537TK - Push Button Coupling

Made In The Shade Umbrellas by Galtech International Bottom section pole.

We know!! The kids left the umbrella open. (At least that is your story and you are sticking to it!) Along came a big gust of wind or a storm, and SNAP, it broke the pole right at the height of the table. Most companies try to sell you a new umbrella, but that really doesn't make sense. You have a good canopy and the ribs didn't break. All you need is the bottom part of the pole replaced. Why can't they just sell you the bottom pole section?

We can! We have this replacement bottom pole especially made for Galtech Teak umbrella model 537TK. These poles are made from first-grade Teak.

Will the color match? Unless it is brand new, it probably will not. Sun and weather ages Teak (and most any other wood) and the shade will not match. Each teak tree has a different hue to it color as well. But teak, over time, will age to an ash gray color and soon the bottom pole will match the top part.

  • Bottom Pole Replacement for model 537TK Teak umbrella
  • 1-1/2" Diameter
  • Push Button Coupling
  • Replacement Bottom Pole - Teak for Galtech 537TK - Push Button Coupling - ID#:GAL-BottomPole-537TK
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