Beer Umbrellas- Patio & Beach

Beer Umbrellas- Patio & Beach

In Several Different Varieties

Beer Patio & Beach Umbrellas are an entertaining way to spice up any tailgate or beach party. In this day and age it is becoming increasingly more important to protect your skin and those of your loved ones from the effects of the sun's dangerous UV rays. If you visit the beach often, just love to entertain, or have those outdoor pool parties these umbrellas are a fun way to decorate.

Each umbrella is made with a heavy duty PVC vinyl canopy with welded seams. Beer Patio & Beach Umbrellas are a 6ft, 6 rib push-up aluminum umbrella made with a two part frame and a push-button tilt. Each umbrella comes with 3 pole choices- Standard , Bar Height , or Pointed Pole for use at your favorite beach.

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