90 degree middle section for Super Tube Spiral Slide

Replacement or Add on for Super Tube Spiral Slide Only

This is a replacement or add-on middle section for the Super Tube Spiral Slide ONLY!!! It is a 90 degree elbow turn. Each middle section adds 1ft to the deck height of the spiral slide. Any heights over 10ft will require that some sort of support for one or more of the middle sections be installed. There are no support products available.

Package ships OVERSIZED

The manufacturer has asked that we temporarily stop selling this slide and/or these 90 degree inserts sections. The company that was contracted to make this spiral tube slide from their design/mold is unable to keep up with the huge demand. Manufacturer and us regret this situation but is doing what they can. They will continue to ship all slides/ already ordered on a first come basis as product becomes available. When this temporary issue is resolved or any furhter information becomes available this page will be updated - 6/25/2018

  • 90 degree turn
  • Colors: Blue, Yellow or Green
  • Includes bolts
  • Adds 12inches to height of the Spiral Tube Slide
  • Last Updated: 06/25/2018 11:00 AM - ID:6701