Yardsaver Storage Shed

Shed Kit for those with limited space

The Yardsaver Storage Shed is an attractive, practical outdoor storage shed solution. If you don't have much space or a small yard and are in need of additional storage, the Yardsaver could be the perfect remedy. Its sliding door opens wide and can be mounted to open to the right or to the left. The Yardsaver shed can be erected against the house or a fence and will provide ample room to store garden tools and small equipment. A popular seller, this easy to assemble shed kit will help solve your storage problems.

The Yardsaver Shed kit is made from Western Red Cedar. This type of wood is renowned for its natural beauty and outstanding physical properties that make it one of the world's most unique woods. Red Cedar is free from pitch and is naturally decay and insect resistant. Cedar's low density gives it an insulation value superior to most other species. Light weight, easy to work, easy to finish, possessing outstanding dimensional stability, Western Red Cedar is a preferred wood for nearly all purposes where attractive appearance or resistance to weather is important. Western Red Cedar is one of the few wood species that are naturally at home in the outdoors. It is classified as a durable wood by the building codes across North America, which permits the use of its heartwood in exterior applications without preservative treatments.

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  • Size: 8ft. X 3ft.
  • Overall Height: 6ft. 8in. (Highest)
  • Overall Height: 6ft. 1in. (Lowest)
  • Inside Area: 24 square feet
  • Door: 3ft. 8in. Wide x 5ft. 6in. Tall
  • Window: 1ft. 4in. Wide x 2ft. 0in. High
  • Modular Shed Kit
  • Easy Step by Step Instructions
  • Western Red Cedar Shingle Roof
  • 2" x 3" whitewood framing lumber for walls and roof
  • 2" x 4" floor joists with precut plywood panels
  • Wood Siding 1/2" x 6" Bevel Siding
  • Ideal for yards with a small narrow space.
  • Sliding door can be mounted on the left or right side for flexibility.
  • Sheds come with one non-functional window.

  • This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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