Sunbrella Right Angled Triangle Shade Sail

Marine Grade Sunbrella provides a 10 year warranty

Need to shade a corner of your Courtyard, Pool, Patio, Deck or Dog-run? Right Angle Triangle Shade Sails, made with Sunbrella Canvas, is perfect for the job.. These sails can be mounted to a variety of surfaces and are easy to install. Now you can create a shaded area anywhere around your home or office.

These Right Angled Triangle Shade Sails feature Marine / Awning Grade Sunbrella, a breathable fabric to keep you cooler and more comfortable in hot weather. These sails can be mounted to a variety of surfaces and are easy to install. Use a shade sail to create a shaded area anywhere around your home or office. This state of the art material has a 10 year limited warranty, is unaffected by moisture and natural temperature extremes. Sunbrella fabric is fade and water resistant. The near waterproof fabric also resists stains, mildew and rot. The perimeter of each sail is contains seatbelt type webbing for increased strength & durability. Each corner has a welded solid marine grade, stainless steel attachment ring to aid in attaching to a structurally sound fixing point. Shade sails, when installed properly, do not sag or flap in the wind.

How to View your Right Angled Shade Sail for Measuring or Ordering

In any right angled triangle, there is one angle that is 90 degrees, just like the inside corner of a room. If you put yourself at that corner and looked down on the triangle (See image to right). The A dimension would be to the right side of the 90 degree angle, and the B dimension would be the left side. C is always the longest side of the triangle and will be directly opposite of the Right Angle. We only need the A and B dimension as we can automatically calculate the C dimension.

The dimensions supplied are for the finished sails dimension, corner to corner along a side. Your mounting points should be at least 11" + 5% of the length of the sail. This is so you have enough space for your typical mounting hardware ( ~11 inches) and the fabric stretch ( ~5% of the length of the side ).

EXAMPLE: 20ft side of sail (240 inches), would require that the mounting points be at least 263 inches apart at a minimum. 5% of 240 inches is 12 inches, add that to 11 inches and you get 23 inches + the length of the side of 240in equals 263 inches. Easy right?

Due to manufacturing tolerances and fabric stretch, sail dimensions may vary 1.5" plus or minus.

Note: Sunbrella material is water resistant, it MUST be mounted at an angle of at least 20 degrees to allow water run off. Please note that all Sunbrella shade sails are made to order and therefore these are NOT returnable.

Right Angled Triangle Shade Sail Priced Sizes - Sunbrella

SizePriceSqFt*Max Pull**
A=6ft x B=6ft$231.0018174
A=6ft x B=7ft$231.0021203
A=6ft x B=8ft$231.0024232
A=6ft x B=9ft$231.0027261
A=6ft x B=10ft$231.0030290
A=6ft x B=11ft$231.0033319
A=7ft x B=6ft$231.0021203
A=7ft x B=7ft$231.0025242
A=7ft x B=8ft$231.0028271
A=7ft x B=9ft$231.0032309
A=7ft x B=10ft$231.0035338
A=7ft x B=11ft$231.0039377
A=7ft x B=12ft$231.0042406
A=7ft x B=13ft$231.0046445
A=8ft x B=6ft$231.0024232
A=8ft x B=7ft$231.0028271
A=8ft x B=8ft$231.0032309
A=8ft x B=9ft$231.0036348
A=8ft x B=10ft$231.0040387
A=8ft x B=11ft$231.0044425
A=8ft x B=12ft$231.0048464
A=8ft x B=13ft$231.0052503
A=8ft x B=14ft$260.4056541
A=8ft x B=15ft$277.2060580
A=9ft x B=6ft$231.0027261
A=9ft x B=7ft$231.0032309
A=9ft x B=8ft$231.0036348
A=9ft x B=9ft$231.0041396
A=9ft x B=10ft$231.0045435
A=9ft x B=11ft$231.0050483
A=9ft x B=12ft$231.0054522
A=9ft x B=13ft$273.0059570
A=9ft x B=14ft$289.8063609
A=9ft x B=15ft$315.0068657
A=9ft x B=16ft$331.8072696
A=9ft x B=17ft$357.0077744
A=10ft x B=7ft$231.0035338
A=10ft x B=7ft$231.0035338
A=10ft x B=8ft$231.0040387
A=10ft x B=9ft$231.0045435
A=10ft x B=10ft$231.0050483
A=10ft x B=11ft$256.2055532
A=10ft x B=12ft$277.2060580
A=10ft x B=13ft$302.4065628
A=10ft x B=14ft$323.4070677
A=10ft x B=15ft$348.6075725
A=10ft x B=16ft$369.6080773
A=10ft x B=17ft$394.8085822
A=10ft x B=18ft$415.8090870
A=10ft x B=19ft$441.0095918
A=11ft x B=6ft$231.0033319
A=11ft x B=7ft$231.0039377
A=11ft x B=8ft$231.0044425
A=11ft x B=9ft$231.0050483
A=11ft x B=10ft$256.2055532
A=11ft x B=11ft$281.4061590
A=11ft x B=12ft$306.6066638
A=11ft x B=13ft$331.8072696
A=11ft x B=14ft$357.0077744
A=11ft x B=15ft$382.2083802
A=11ft x B=16ft$407.4088851
A=11ft x B=17ft$432.6094909
A=11ft x B=18ft$457.8099957
A=11ft x B=19ft$487.201051015
A=11ft x B=20ft$508.201101063
A=11ft x B=21ft$537.601161121
A=12ft x B=7ft$231.0042406
A=12ft x B=8ft$231.0048464
A=12ft x B=9ft$231.0054522
A=12ft x B=10ft$277.2060580
A=12ft x B=11ft$306.6066638
A=12ft x B=12ft$331.8072696
A=12ft x B=13ft$361.2078754
A=12ft x B=14ft$386.4084812
A=12ft x B=15ft$415.8090870
A=12ft x B=16ft$445.2096928
A=12ft x B=17ft$470.40102986
A=12ft x B=18ft$499.801081044
A=12ft x B=19ft$525.001141102
A=12ft x B=20ft$554.401201160
A=12ft x B=21ft$583.801261218
A=12ft x B=22ft$609.001321276
A=12ft x B=23ft$638.401381334
A=13ft x B=7ft$231.0046445
A=13ft x B=8ft$231.0052503
A=13ft x B=9ft$273.0059570
A=13ft x B=10ft$302.4065628
A=13ft x B=11ft$331.8072696
A=13ft x B=12ft$361.2078754
A=13ft x B=13ft$394.8085822
A=13ft x B=14ft$420.0091880
A=13ft x B=15ft$453.6098947
A=13ft x B=16ft$478.801041005
A=13ft x B=17ft$512.401111073
A=13ft x B=18ft$541.801171131
A=13ft x B=19ft$571.201241199
A=13ft x B=20ft$600.601301257
A=13ft x B=21ft$634.201371324
A=13ft x B=22ft$659.401431382
A=13ft x B=23ft$693.001501450
A=13ft x B=24ft$722.401561508
A=13ft x B=25ft$751.801631576
A=14ft x B=8ft$260.4056541
A=14ft x B=9ft$289.8063609
A=14ft x B=10ft$323.4070677
A=14ft x B=11ft$357.0077744
A=14ft x B=12ft$386.4084812
A=14ft x B=13ft$420.0091880
A=14ft x B=14ft$453.6098947
A=14ft x B=15ft$487.201051015
A=14ft x B=16ft$516.601121083
A=14ft x B=17ft$550.201191150
A=14ft x B=18ft$583.801261218
A=14ft x B=19ft$613.201331286
A=14ft x B=20ft$646.801401353
A=14ft x B=21ft$680.401471421
A=14ft x B=22ft$709.801541489
A=14ft x B=23ft$743.401611556
A=14ft x B=24ft$777.001681624
A=14ft x B=25ft$810.601751692
A=14ft x B=26ft$840.001821759
A=15ft x B=8ft$277.2060580
A=15ft x B=9ft$315.0068657
A=15ft x B=10ft$348.6075725
A=15ft x B=11ft$382.2083802
A=15ft x B=12ft$415.8090870
A=15ft x B=13ft$453.6098947
A=15ft x B=14ft$487.201051015
A=15ft x B=15ft$520.801131092
A=15ft x B=16ft$554.401201160
A=15ft x B=17ft$592.201281237
A=15ft x B=18ft$625.801351305
A=15ft x B=19ft$659.401431382
A=15ft x B=20ft$693.001501450
A=15ft x B=21ft$730.801581527
A=15ft x B=22ft$764.401651595
A=15ft x B=23ft$798.001731672
A=15ft x B=24ft$831.601801740
A=16ft x B=9ft$331.8072696
A=16ft x B=10ft$369.6080773
A=16ft x B=11ft$407.4088851
A=16ft x B=12ft$445.2096928
A=16ft x B=13ft$478.801041005
A=16ft x B=14ft$516.601121083
A=16ft x B=15ft$554.401201160
A=16ft x B=16ft$592.201281237
A=16ft x B=17ft$630.001361315
A=16ft x B=18ft$663.601441392
A=16ft x B=19ft$701.401521469
A=16ft x B=20ft$739.201601547
A=16ft x B=21ft$777.001681624
A=16ft x B=22ft$814.801761701
A=16ft x B=23ft$848.401841779
A=17ft x B=9ft$357.0077744
A=17ft x B=10ft$394.8085822
A=17ft x B=11ft$432.6094909
A=17ft x B=12ft$470.40102986
A=17ft x B=13ft$512.401111073
A=17ft x B=14ft$550.201191150
A=17ft x B=15ft$592.201281237
A=17ft x B=16ft$630.001361315
A=17ft x B=17ft$672.001451402
A=17ft x B=18ft$705.601531479
A=17ft x B=19ft$747.601621566
A=17ft x B=20ft$785.401701643
A=17ft x B=21ft$827.401791730
A=18ft x B=10ft$415.8090870
A=18ft x B=11ft$457.8099957
A=18ft x B=12ft$499.801081044
A=18ft x B=13ft$541.801171131
A=18ft x B=14ft$583.801261218
A=18ft x B=15ft$625.801351305
A=18ft x B=16ft$663.601441392
A=18ft x B=17ft$705.601531479
A=18ft x B=18ft$747.601621566
A=18ft x B=19ft$789.601711653
A=18ft x B=20ft$831.601801740
A=19ft x B=10ft$441.0095918
A=19ft x B=11ft$487.201051015
A=19ft x B=12ft$525.001141102
A=19ft x B=13ft$571.201241199
A=19ft x B=14ft$613.201331286
A=19ft x B=15ft$659.401431382
A=19ft x B=16ft$701.401521469
A=19ft x B=17ft$747.601621566
A=19ft x B=18ft$789.601711653
A=19ft x B=19ft$835.801811750
A=20ft x B=11ft$508.201101063
A=20ft x B=12ft$554.401201160
A=20ft x B=13ft$600.601301257
A=20ft x B=14ft$646.801401353
A=20ft x B=15ft$693.001501450
A=20ft x B=16ft$739.201601547
A=20ft x B=17ft$785.401701643
A=20ft x B=18ft$831.601801740
A=21ft x B=11ft$537.601161121
A=21ft x B=12ft$583.801261218
A=21ft x B=13ft$634.201371324
A=21ft x B=14ft$680.401471421
A=21ft x B=15ft$730.801581527
A=21ft x B=16ft$777.001681624
A=21ft x B=17ft$827.401791730
A=22ft x B=12ft$609.001321276
A=22ft x B=13ft$659.401431382
A=22ft x B=14ft$709.801541489
A=22ft x B=15ft$764.401651595
A=22ft x B=16ft$814.801761701
* Estimated square foot area of fabric
** Estimated Max Pull per corner in a 90mph wind gust

  • Welded Stainless Steel "D" rings in the corners.
  • 1.5inches webbing in perimeter, doubled in the corners
  • Sides are not straight. They curve inwards about 6-10% so it will help eliminate fabric wrinkles, sagging and even flapping when properly tensioned.
  • 8 Stock Colors from which to choose
  • Marine Grade, 9.5oz Sunbrella Canvas
  • Near Waterproof
  • 10yr Limited Warranty
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    Mounting Hardware Pack - Triangle Shade Sail
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