SunSetter - TopFlight 20 Foot Flagpole

Flag Pole

SunSetter's TopFlight Twenty Foot Flagpole is a top quality flagpole that will not deteriorate and fade after a couple of years. This unique flag pole design may be the last flag pole you will ever need to buy. It is the ultimate telescoping flagpole for businesses as well as for the home. Avoid the aggravation of tangling and noise of conventional flagpoles. This pole is easy to use and easy to install and will fly two flags easily. You can mount it on your deck or dock as well.

It is constructed of heavy duty, rust-free aluminum that will stand up to weather and wind and is available in your choice of aluminum, bronze or a baked white enamel finish. Each flagpole extends up to 20 feet in just seconds and it will telescope downward to 7 feet with push-button easy. No ropes or dangling hardware - just 360 degree plastic rotating collars that lock. This pole is even portable and can travel with you to your tailgating parties. Your flag will fly freely and not tangle on this flag pole and you will never hear hardware clanging against the pole because the clear polycarbonate collars don't make the noise that metal connectors do when they hit against a metal pole. These collars allow for easy rotation

Your set comes with a 5 year Limited Warranty and has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval.

This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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