Adirondack Patio Furniture

Adirondack Patio Furniture

Adirondack Chairs, Rockers and Accessories

Adirondack style furniture is truly an American tradition that dates back to the early 1900's. This style is hallmarked by deep seats, curved backs, and wide armrests. Our Adirondack Patio Furniture is made from Northern White Cedar and is shipped in its natural color of pale tan or light gold. Over time, the color will change to a silvery gray, but this can be delayed by using water based or oil stains on the furniture. We also offer painted chairs, rockers, tables and accessories available in a variety of bright colors to suite your individual taste.

The Adirondack style furniture is perfectly at home either indoors or out. The fresh cedar odor is a mild insect repellent so these products are resistant to insect damage and decay. Our Northern Cedar, grown in the Northeastern United States, is natural and untreated. Only the most carefully select cedar trees are used. Cedar is the best choice for this furniture as it absorbs and loses moisture slowly, which minimizes the dry cracking, splintering and swelling which is more commonly found in oak and pine. The US Forest Products Laboratory highest rating for decay and disease resistance has been awarded to cedar.

Unique Rustic Cedar Furniture is made with small diameter cedar logs. Since whole logs are used, a natural characteristic are small cracks in the logs due to the drying process of logs. When these logs are dried, the wood shrinks in length and width, creating tension in the wood which causes the log to split to relieve the tension. These small splits are known as Checks in the wood. Any log containing the heart of the tree will develop checks. Since checks are never very deep, the structural integrity of the log is never seriously compromised. Therefore, checks are natural and are found in all cedar log furniture - creating much of its character.

Some assembly is required, and detailed, easy-to-understand instructions accompany each piece. The time required to assemble the majority of our Adirondack Furniture is less than 20 minutes. Quality craftsmanship ensures beautiful, splinter-free furniture and that includes hand finished beveled edges. Each piece of furniture comes with stainless steel hardware which is coated with durable/ zinc.

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