Painted  Adirondack Furniture

Painted Adirondack Furniture

Cypress Wood

Adirondack style furniture is truly an American tradition that dates back to the early 1900's. This style is hallmarked by deep seats, curved backs, and wide armrests. Our Adirondack Furniture is made from treated Cypress wood and is shipped in its natural color or you can add color to match your décor.

Natural Cypress wood Adirondack Furniture can be used indoors or outdoors. Three lines of chairs with matching loveseats and accessories.

Unique furniture, Cypress Wood is standard for outdoor use due to its excellent decay and insect resistance. Cypress is easily workable, accepts stains and paints exceptionally well and with proper care you should be able to enjoy your unique outdoor furniture for many years..

Manufactured with detail, each piece is three step sanded, holes are countersunk for hidden hardware assembly. This type of craftsmanship gives the furniture an excellent fit and finish.

High quality finishes designed with the outdoors in mind. The manufacturer uses a glossy acyrilic latex paint for the solid colors, and a semi-transparent tinted waterseal which provides a high level of uv, moisture and mildew protection. Stainless Steal and dacrotized fasteners which are highly resistand to rust, even in coastal environments.

The quality of what goes on top of your chair is equally as important as the care that goes into your chair. That's why the manufacturer only uses the finest paints and stains available. Only paints that are a high gloss acrylic latex and specifically designed for outdoor use. Not only will the finish withstand the elements, it will withstand the rigors of regular use and contact without peeling or flaking.

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