Kettler Oval Resin Patio Furniture Tables

Kettler Oval Resin Patio Furniture Tables

Made in Germany by Kettler International, Inc.

Making the most of the time you spend outdoors means being able to enjoy the luxury and comforts of beautiful patio furniture. The joys of using your outdoor living spaces include sharing delicious meals and delightful conversation with good friends and family. The last concern you should have is whether your patio table will hold up to the heavy dishes, elbows, and weather that are sure to test its strength over years of use. Your Patio Table, probably one of the most important pieces of furniture in your backyard, should be able to stand up to extreme conditions year after year. Is this an unreasonable expectation to have? Absolutely not - as long as you choose one of Kettler's elegant and durable Oval KETTALUX Resin Tables for your outdoor patio, deck, or pool side.

KETTALUX Resin Patio Tables are exclusively constructed to withstand any and all weather conditions for many years. Most resin furniture, and most outdoor furniture in general, on the market today is easily weakened and damaged by heavy storms, UV rays, and winter ice, but Kettalux Resin Tables are exceptionally durable. Kettler's special mineral-reinforced polypropylene resin and UV protected high density exterior make for patio tables that are completely resistant to the warping,, chipping, cracking, and shattering that can come as an unfortunate result of harsh weather. With Kettler's Kettalux Resin Patio Furniture, you never need to worry about storing your outdoor furniture during heavy storms or during the off-season -- you can enjoy it year round, and it will continue to look new and perform beautifully, no matter what the weather.

KETTALUX Oval Patio Tables come in 35" x 55" and 38" x 63" sizes, and each has an umbrella hole so you can stay protected from the sun as you enjoy your patio, deck, or pool side. Kettalux tables are cleverly designed with integrated floor levelers to keep your table from wobbling on irregular surfaces. Every one of Kettler's Kettalux Resin Tables is made of 100% recyclable resin and is backed by a 3 year warranty -- 1 year commercial.

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