Ergo Lounger OH

Comfortable and Therapeutic Lounge Chair

The Ergo Lounger Spa is a wonderful lounger which provides a gentle stretch to your neck and back while you enjoy reading, tanning, listening to music, or just relaxing. It was originally designed by a patient who underwent cervical fusion surgery as the result of an auto accident and is medically endorsed and recommended by chiropractors and physical therapists. This lounger passively stretches vertebrae in order to relieve nerve and disk pressure. It has a ponytail/face down hole so that you can relax in pure comfort while lying on your back or stomach. It is lightweight and easy to carry. The chair requires minimal assembly (backrest to main frame). It includes a face/neck pillow and an abdominal/lumbar pillow. Its 12" height creates easy access and is wheelchair accessible. It is the perfect height for moving to and from a wheelchair. It has hideaway armrests and a dropdown leg to convert it to a recliner. This chair would be a great addition to your patio or pool area. It also provides a very comfortable place to relax at the beach. What an ingenious chair that combines portability, functionality, and comfort! Comes in blue cushion/white frame

Perfect for Reading
Perfect for Reading
Face Pillowl
Face Pillow
Reclining Position
Reclining Position
Easy Carrying
Easy Carrying

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Ponytail/face down hole for ultimate comfort
  • Stretches and relaxes your back and neck
  • Therapeutic
  • Easy to carry
  • Durable
  • Minimal assembly
  • Includes face/neck, abdominal, and breast/foot pillows
  • Seat height: 18"
  • Length: 77"
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Comes in blue/white
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