Everywear Indoor / Outdoor Rugs

Everywear Indoor / Outdoor Rugs

Designs by Liora Manné and Tommy Bahama

Trans-Ocean, Inc. is a pioneer and industry leader in the construction of true "indoor / outdoor" rugs. The Everywear™ brand of rugs from Trans-Ocean, Inc. insures quality and durability that can be used indoors or outdoors to decorate any area. Everywear™ rugs are UV stabilized to resist fading and mildew and are easy to maintain; can be swept and rinsed off with a garden hose. The Everywear™ brand of rugs feature designer collections from Liora Manne and Tommy Bahama. Each one of Liora's designs reveal strong design aesthetics with an extraordinary sense of color. The Tommy Bahama designs live up to the luxurious styles inspired by the Tropics that he is known for.

Trans-Ocean created the first true indoor/outdoor rug in 2002. The Collection, called Patio, was made in France from 100% polypropylene fiber, which was used in both the face pile and back of the rug (no jute) and was UV stabilized for fade resistance. The Patio Collection continues as the standard of the industry.

Trans-Ocean began to broaden their outdoor assortment with the Terrace Collection created in Europe. Along with the original Patio collection, the Terrace Collection also uses a special yarn system of twisted and UV stabilized yarn (no jute).

In December of 2005, the Trans-Ocean development team took their special "twisted filament" yarn from Europe to China, combined the yarn with acrylic fibers and introduced the Ravella Collection, the first completely indoor / outdoor hand tufted rug. As with its European counterparts, this item is also UV stabilized and consists of a 100% synthetic backing which has washable natural latex.

In October of 2006, a cut and loop hand tufted indoor/outdoor rug called Spello was added to the line. The Spello Collection used the same UV stabilized poly/acrylic yarn that is in the Ravella with a 100% synthetic backing.

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