Yard Clippings are Going to Waste

Did you know that nearly 20% of all waste in an average landfill is yard waste?  If you are throwing away your grass clippings, then you are missing out on a valuable resource.

A compost bin decomposes grass clippings and plant material to produce compost in just a few weeks.  This process allows you to reap the benefits of recycling from your own backyard with very little effort.

“Compost” is the rich black soil-like substance created when organic materials like shredded leaves and yard waste are fully decomposed. Mulching with compost prevents weeds, feeds your garden, fights disease and doesn’t starve plants or stain your house with fungal spores like wood mulches.

The rewards from composting are numerous and having access to your own “mulch” is a big one.  Tell your neighbors and friends how easy it is to use a composter.  They will thank you later.

compost bin illustration for your backyard

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