Wishes Can Come True!

Let’s face it, maybe it is time we all turn off our TV’s and quit listening to the media about our failing economic system and political chaos. All the media hype only intensifies our fears and dwindles down our hopes and dreams.

Many of us have made bad decisions over the past couple of years that are coming back to haunt us during this period of time when wonder at all if the American Dream is still alive. Ideally, most will recover and be better for it. Universally, we need to not only concentrate on raising the level of economic activity, but also work to raise the standard for values and ethics of those influential to our economic systems.  One of the best places for us to start individually is in our own homes with our own children.

Maybe if we depend on faith, hope and believe in a little bit of luck we will find that the dream is still alive.

Personally, I think we all need our own “wishing wells” to force us to take the timeouts we need to focus on the important things we want in life. On a much lighter note……seriously!  Here is the Wishing Well I am talking about.  Slowing down and spending more time in our backyards will help us find that balance we all strive to own.  As we struggle… just having the optimism and ability to have hope and wish for a better life is what keeps us going….

Go Make Your Wish Come True!!

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