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What Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day but Won’t Admit It

We might assume that Dad wants to man the grill on Father’s Day and spend the entire afternoon engaged in “fun” activities chosen by the kids — the Slip ‘n Slide comes to mind.  Really, though, Dad just wants to hang out and relax in the midst of a little peace and quiet.  I know, that doesn’t sound very “Dad-like,” but when pressed, most Dads would choose peace and quiet for their once-a-year special day.

Rocking ChairHere comes another surprise… give a dad the choice between relaxing on the couch or in a comfortable rocking chair, and I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts he’ll pick the rocker.  Why?  Rocking in a rocking chair is one of the most soothing activities around.  It’s free (which is important to dads), it doesn’t take a lot of energy to keep it going, and it puts Dad on the fast track to relaxation-ville.

Plop that rocking chair outside on the porch, and Dad has the best view around — at least while he’s still awake.  Watching nature is another one of life’s cheap sources of relaxing entertainment, which Dad can appreciate.  There’s drama (dog chases squirrel); there’s comedy (bird poops on neighbor’s car); there’s mystery (what is that rustling in the grass?).  Before he knows it, Dad is fast asleep and dreaming of rocking gently in a boat on his favorite lake.

So, when it comes time to ask Dad what he wants to do on Father’s Day, don’t mention the Slip ‘n Slide or volunteer him to cook up dinner on the grill.  Instead, offer him the luxury of peace and quiet and a couple of hours on the porch in the rocking chair.  He’ll feel truly appreciated and utterly refreshed.  Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

Recycled Patio Furniture – For You and the Environment

Recycled Adirondak Chair

If you are considering investing in new patio furniture for the fall, why not consider also doing something that is good for the environment? Recycled patio furniture is a great way to do both! Beautiful and durable, they are made with 90% recycled plastics and never with new petroleum products. You can choose from many different pieces, including tables, Adirondack chairs and benches, chaise lounges, and even foot stools. They are also available in a variety of colors to match any taste and style. This furniture is perfect for the beach, patio, or any outdoor location where you need to add some style. They are the perfect way to enjoy your outdoor environment, while also doing a small part to protect it! Is there a better way to relax?

Get Ready to Rock! Outdoor Rocking Chairs Let You Kick Relaxation Into High Gear

Spring is beckoning, but, wait… are you still indoors?  Is it pleasant outside your door?  Are the birds twittering, blossoms fluttering, and breezes whispering?  You don’t have to do much of anything on a gorgeous day like today — just get out there and relax.  I guarantee that one of the best ways to relax outdoors is to sit in a luxuriously cozy and meditation-inducing outdoor rocking chair.   Only one little toe needs to do any work; just a wee push is enough to get your chair rocking in a rhythm that will soothe even the most tension-tight muscles.

Personally, I love an old-fashioned rocking chair that hugs my back all the way up to my head, but my neighbor loves to share a relaxing rocker ride with a friend in her double rocking chair.  I also know folks who much prefer the gentle front to back movement of a glider.  No matter what your preference, an outdoor rocking chair is just the right ingredient to add to that perfectly relaxing day outside.   So, pardon me while I get out and get rockin’.