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TV and Film Technology of the Past Brought to Life!

It’s amazing how technology grows. Gadgets and gizmos that were once used in movies and television shows to thrust views into a high-tech and unimaginable future are now, only a few decades later, a reality. Many products around your home would have seemed like science fiction to your parents and grandparents generations. Below is a fun list of products that have gone from futuristic to must-haves!

  • Back to The Future – Many products in the BTTF franchise have been produced and some are even common in today’s society. TV video phones and conferences were featured, as were holographic tvs. Companies around the world regularly use video conferencing and Skype is quickly catching on with people around the world. IMAX and 3D movies are common and available in most areas. Even Marty’s self-lacing sneakers are now being produced (Nike Hyperdunks)!
  • The Jetsons – The Jetsons are one of the best examples of tv foreshadowing modern technology. The Jetson’s home of the future is quickly becoming the home of today. Fake tanning was introduced on the show almost a decade before the first tanning bed was invented. A wealthy business man tans in his luxurious bed with artificial sun options that include “Miami, Honolulu, and Riviera”.  Robotic vacuum cleaners were frequently featured on the show and are now widely available as hands-free options to traditional house work. Other once futuristic fantasies around the home, such as motorized window shades that rise and lower at the touch of a button and robotic lawn mowers that take the work out of lawn maintenance, are Jetson-esque.
  • Jet Packs – Featured in The Jetson’s, The Rocketeer, and several other movies and tv programs, a jet pack that allows a person to fly through the air is slowly becoming a reality. Several companies and individuals around the world are working to produce an efficient jet pack. While the technology is still in its infancy, it is happening and jet packs are working around the world.

What products or technologies have you seen in recent film and television that you look forward to seeing in the future?

April is National Lawn and Garden Month

Lawn and Garden
April is National Lawn and Garden month! This gives you a wonderful reason to get outside and get your backyard and garden ready. Whether you are starting from scratch or are an experienced pro, here are several tips that you can use to celebrate Lawn and Garden month in style!

  • Consider Backyard Composting – Composting is nature’s process of recycling decomposed organic materials into a rich soil known as compost. Backyard composting is an acceleration of the process that occurs in nature. It is recycling at its finest! Use kitchen waste (such as food or paper towels), lawn clippings, and wood chips to provide rich and powerful soil for your garden and lawn. Anything that was once living will decompose, giving you endless options for composting. Composting is good for your plants and for you! Adding organic materials to the soil improves moisture retention. It provides a balanced, slow–release source of nutrients that helps the soil hold nutrients long enough for plants to use them. Healthier plants means a healthier you! It will also save you money because you will no longer have to buy fertilizer. Add a compost bin to your garden and start today!

  • Add a fountain – Outdoor fountains offer an easy and affordable way to add style to your lawn or garden. The soothing sound of running water will help to create a tranquil and relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Transform your garden into your own personal paradise!

  • Consider adding variety – If you are fond of flower gardening, venture into edible vegetables! You will be thrilled with the sense of accomplishment you feel when you feed your family fresh, healthy produce that you loving grew on your own. Beans, squash, cucumbers, lettuce/greens, tomatoes, peppers, beets, and garlic are all great vegetables to start with. They are relatively easy to maintain and will offer beautiful variety. If you are already growing your own vegetables, consider planting an eye catching flower garden (try marigold, lupine, daisy, or wildflower mix seeds). Fruits are also a great option. Apples, figs, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are great for beginners. Variety is the spice of life!

  • Go high-tech – Modern technology impacts our daily life. Why not let it impact your backyard? There are several innovations in outdoor living that you will wonder how you ever lived without. The Robomower will make mowing your lawn virtually effortless. No more back-breaking work and labor intensive afternoons spent cutting grass. You simply install special sensors around the perimeter of your yard and push a button. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Another product worth trying is the Mosquito Eliminator. Gone are the days of tacky bug zappers and pesky insects at parties. It is so beautiful that your guests will never guess that it is fighting mosquitoes and other pests. The Eliminator uses high-tech black light technology to cover up to 1,000 feet and capture up to 6,000 mosquitoes with one cartridge. Other garden technology to be on the look for: gardening apps for smartphones (such as iVeggieGarden, which allows you to view over 500 varieties of vegetables and offers tips and ideas), time lapsed garden cameras (which take pictures at various intervals and produce videos or slideshows showing growth progress), and electronic soil testers.

Robotic Mowers – Great Grass with Little Effort


Are you tired of spending hours in the hot sun cutting your grass? No matter what size yard you have, the sweltering summer temperatures make it almost unbearable to devote enough time to efficiently mow your lawn. The RoboMower Robotic Lawn Mower is the perfect solution. It can be used to give you a perfectly manicured lawn with very little effort and almost no physical labor. All you have to do is push a button and the RoboMower does all the work.

It is run by three battery-powered blades that create a 21 inch cutting path. The grass is cut into small clippings that are buried in the roots of the yard. The clippings eventually decompose and act like natural fertilizer so there is no need to remove the clippings. RoboMower stays in your yard due to a special sensor that recognizes a standard wire that you install around the edge of your yard. Using small pegs every few meters, you create a fence that corrals RoboMower into the desired area. It is fast, easy to use, and effective. You will not go back to manual mowing again!