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How About a Backyard Home Office?

Now that the weather is pleasant, my eyes tend to wander toward the window as I sit working at my home office desk. I watch the leaves on my maple tree flutter about and imagine the feel of the warm breeze on my skin. The birds offer a constant source of entertainment as well. I never grow tired of watching the red-bellied woodpeckers peck away at a suet cake my husband has hung from a low branch of our pear tree. Why stay inside on such a glorious day…working?  Of course, the work must get done, but why not take it outside? Why not become part of the scenery instead of merely watching it through a window from indoors?

I can’t imagine a more satisfying way to work outside than doing so while lounging on a new set of outdoor resin wicker furniture. It is comfortable and looks so beautiful on the patio or deck. One of my favorite things about outdoor resin wicker furniture is that cleaning it up takes nothing more than the squirt of a hose and some mild detergent. That’s my kind of furniture.

Just thinking about working outside makes me want to go pour myself a glass of iced tea, grab my laptop, head out to the patio, and prop my feet up. I can almost feel that gentle breeze already.

Lexington Club Chair and Ottoman