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Fast and Easy Storage Shed Kits Save Time and Money

Need some more storage for your yard and garden supplies?  Don’t want to spend a bunch of money on an expensive storage shed at the home improvement warehouse?  Try this solution:  a Fast Framer storage shed kit.  What’s nice about this storage shed kit is that you get everything you need for your new storage shed, except the wood itself.    You get the freedom of selecting your preferred type of wood.  Even better is that Fast Framer storage shed kits come with patented stud and angle brackets that allow you to connect the wood pieces together without having to do a bit of mitering.  You save time and effort, and the result is that you have a finished outdoor storage shed ready in a fraction of the time it might take if you used another type of kit.  Fast Framer storage shed kits are a fun project for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, no matter how much (or little) do-it-yourself experience you may have.

Stock Up for Spring with a Garden Shed

It’s never too early to get ready for spring gardening, even if the snow is still shin deep.  Spring preparations require stocking up on gardening essentials like soil and seeds, and there is no better time to prepare your gardening tools for a new season of use.  A sturdy cedar garden shed can safely house your spring supplies as well as offer a comfortable spot for cleaning and oiling your favorite garden tools.  Once the winter season wanes, you ‘ll be ready to get digging!

Storage Sheds: The Benefits of Cedar

Rancher Cedar Storage Shed

Outdoor storage sheds may be available in a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and vinyl, but I prefer a storage shed made out of wood — specifically, Western Red Cedar.   Have you ever opened a cedar trunk or stepped into a clothes closet lined with cedar?  Not only is cedar beautiful, it smells fantastic.  The same goes for an outdoor storage shed.  On the other hand, when I walk into my own storage shed, constructed of metal, I detect only the fragrance of gas from the lawnmower and essence of yard chemicals.   It is the last place I want to be.

Even though the sensual aspects of cedar may be the first that we notice, the practical advantages of cedar abound, especially when used for storage sheds and other outdoor furniture.  Cedar offers outstanding insulation, is easy to work with, and contains natural preservatives that make it resistant to insect damage, decay, and harsh weather conditions.  It truly is an all-weather material; it can take the heat of the summer as well as the icy cold of winter, and just about every condition in between.

Because of cedar’s attractive features and benefits, an outdoor shed made of cedar can serve as more than just a place for storage.  You just might want to spend more time in the shed planning gardening projects or working on a hobby.  Some friends I know don’t use their cedar storage shed for storage at all, but for a comfortable and creative play house for their children.

Metal, plastic, and vinyl storage sheds can’t possibly offer the same array of benefits and possibilities as cedar wood sheds.  While fine for basic storage, they lack the charm, beauty, and versatility of a cedar storage shed…and they definitely don’t smell as delicious.

Is YOUR Outdoor Storage Helping or Hurting?

Rancher Storage

Rancher Storage

Imagine the possibilities that an Outdoor Storage Shed or Garden Shed Kit can provide… easy access to your gardening and yard gear; a fun and creative play shelter where kids can engage their imaginations; a relaxing outdoor retreat to enjoy after a hard day at work; a protective shelter for your supply of winter firewood. The possibilities are truly endless.

In addition, storing tools, toys, and outdoor furniture in an Outdoor Storage Shed or Garden Shed can help you de-clutter your garage making it easier to park your car, truck, or other vehicles. Or, you may wish to re-organize your garage or existing storage shed with the unique StorageTrak wall-mounted storage system. This storage solution allows you to take advantage of precious wall space that often goes unused in garages and garden sheds.

Outdoor Storage Sheds and Garden Shed Kits are usually easy  to assemble and provide an attractive solution to all your organization and outdoor garden storage shed needs.