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Extreme Sports Locations Around the World

In today’s news, Rivals.com and Yahoo! Sports features an article about the top 10 most unusual sports venues ever. There are definitely some strange ones! For instance, Andre Agassi and Roger Federer playing a tennis match at Burj Al Arab hotel – 700 ft about the ground on a helicopter landing pad? The thought alone makes me dizzy! This venue, with only a thin net below for safety, is definitely not for the faint of heart.

The article also mentions college basketball games played on aircraft carriers, squash matches played in clear boxes at Grand Central Station, and golf played on a glacier. These interesting venues add a whole new aspect to the games that players already love and offer a most unique experience.

While you might not be playing tennis on a helipad anytime soon (unless you plan on making a trip to Dubai), you can bring the thrill of your favorite game to your own arena – your home! Indoor game tables provide a great family activity or a chance to unwind with friends. Table tennis, air hockey, poker, foosball, pool, darts, and even basketball can all be enjoyed in the warmth and comfort of your home. Create a fun, friendly, and competitive atmosphere at home – no extreme location required! They also make wonderful Christmas gifts!

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