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The Proper Workspace Starts a Garden Right

Ready for Gardening

January is National Mail Order Gardening Month, and it’s the perfect time to peruse those fabulous gardening catalogs to find favorite plant varieties as well as new and interesting possibilities.  While you’re waiting for your seed order to arrive, gather the necessary potting supplies: soil, compost, seed pots, trays, and whatever else you like to use to prepare for the upcoming season of seedlings.

Where do you do your seed planting?  Do you have a designated space with room enough for working and storing yourCedar Potting Bench supplies?  The most efficient way to complete these early gardening tasks is to have a space dedicated to this work.  A potting bench offers the perfect location because it comes equipped with hooks for hanging tools, shelves for keeping pots and soil close at hand, and ample space for working.

Upping your gardening game this year means having the right tools and gear to make your gardening work easier and more efficient.  Treat yourself to a new potting bench and get the season off to a smart start.

Do You Have a New Year’s Gardening Resolution?

Cedar Storage Sheds and Garden Sheds

If you’re an avid gardener, I’m willing to bet that you have at least one item on your New Year’s resolutions list related to your gardening plans for the upcoming season.  Whether it’s on your list of resolutions or not, most gardeners I know have one particular item toward the top of their gardening to-do list each year.  Better organization.

Keeping garden tools, supplies, seeds, soils, and other gear conveniently located and easy to access is a tall order when existing storage spaces are already brimming with household tools, sports gear, and other non-garden related items.  Creating one special area dedicated to gardening supplies can be a challenge, so one solution is to add more storage.  

Cedar storage sheds make a useful addition in any backyard.  Unlike standard plastic, resin, or metal sheds, cedar storage sheds are beautiful and natural and never need to be hidden in a remote corner of a yard to avoid being an eye-sore.  Cedar sheds maintain their good looks for years, and they offer an aromatic place to store all of your gardening gear and supplies.

With so many sizes and configurations available, every gardener — from the novice to the expert — can find a cedar storage shed that meets every gardening storage need. 


Do You Have Something To Hide?

Or better yet…need to hide something……..Here is a solution.

These Rock Enclosures are perfect for covering any unsightly items in your yard like sprinkler systems, pest control units, electrical transformers, pump systems, and well/septic systems. These top quality rock enclosures are made with an all-new textured material called RealRock™. The gritty, tough, and variegated rock-like surface is astonshingly realistic, and blends in with other natural textures.

With Realrock™, not only does the enclosure look incredibly real, but it will last for many years in virtually any climate. The commercial grade construction stands up to the elements and since the color and texture is part of the material, not painted on, you will enjoy these completely realistc looking enclosures for many, many seasons.

These are great storage and organizing solutions for a difficult and unsightly problem many of us have in our backyards.