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The Proper Workspace Starts a Garden Right

Ready for Gardening

January is National Mail Order Gardening Month, and it’s the perfect time to peruse those fabulous gardening catalogs to find favorite plant varieties as well as new and interesting possibilities.  While you’re waiting for your seed order to arrive, gather the necessary potting supplies: soil, compost, seed pots, trays, and whatever else you like to use to prepare for the upcoming season of seedlings.

Where do you do your seed planting?  Do you have a designated space with room enough for working and storing yourCedar Potting Bench supplies?  The most efficient way to complete these early gardening tasks is to have a space dedicated to this work.  A potting bench offers the perfect location because it comes equipped with hooks for hanging tools, shelves for keeping pots and soil close at hand, and ample space for working.

Upping your gardening game this year means having the right tools and gear to make your gardening work easier and more efficient.  Treat yourself to a new potting bench and get the season off to a smart start.