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A Little Slice of Shade for Outdoor Loving Kids

Kids Chair with Shade Canopy

For many kids, going indoors in summer time is simply not an option.  It’s summer, after all, and outside with friends is the only place to be.  On super hot days, kids can get pretty resourceful when it comes to staying cool — they sit together in the shade under a tree, soak in the coolness of a shallow backyard baby pool, or make a homemade shade shelter using a tarp and some patio chairs.  

Creative approaches to staying cool deserve some kudos, but most parents like to know that their kids have access to reliable shade at all times.  Providing kids with an easy to carry, kid-sized canvas folding chair with an attached shade canopy gives them a comfortable and shady spot they can use any time and any place.  Kids can take a portable chair like this to friends’ homes, to the pool or beach, or to the park, and they never have to be concerned about lack of shade.

All too soon, the days will grow shorter and school will begin again.  Kids can feel it coming.  So, even if intense heat and sun prevent them from engaging in high-energy activities, outside is still the best place to be.  With their own little slice of shade, kids can stay comfy and cooler during the doggiest dog days the summer has to offer.