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Dog Beds For Your Best Friend!

Coolaroo Pet Bed

Proven to Help Your Best Friends’ Arthritis or Pain

Outdoor all-weather knitted fabric creates a superior dog bed product due to breathable material which increases the flow of cooler air underneath the bed mat to help your furry friend beat the heat during the hot summer months. Your pet will love this Dog Bed whose sleeping area stands about 7 inches above the ground or floor. This material is also resistant to flea and insect infestation as well as to mold and mildew and has a five year warranty. It’s a terrific material for any pet’s bed.

Clean up is easy with your Coolaroo® Dog Bed. You simply brush away the pet hair and other dirt and then rinse the pet bed with a hose and allow it to air dry. The best part is you don’t have to worry about the bed wearing out, you can also order Replacement Covers for your Medium Dog Bed (other sizes are also available). So, your pet can enjoy this fine Coolaroo Dog Bed for years to come. This is a terrific pet care product to show your special “member of the family” just how much you care!