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Shade Cloth – Coolaroo vs. Commercial 95

Shade Cloth over a Pergola

Shade Cloth Covered Pergola

What is the difference between Coolaroo and Commercial 95 Shade Cloth?

If you are looking for shade cloth to add to your porch, pergola, outdoor room, or other outside area, we have two varieties that offer varying levels of UV protection, features, and colors. Here is a breakdown of how the materials, Coolaroo and Commercial 95, differ.

Coolaroo Shade Fabric – Coolaroo fabric is knitted polyethylene weave that is “breathable” and allows air to circulate through and under the material. It is color fast and resistant to mold, mildew, rot, sun damage, and tearing. Coolaroo shade cloth is available in two varieties, 70% UV protection and 90% UB protection. The 70% fabric can be purchased in  Black, Sandstone, or Forest Green. The 90% fabric can be purchased in Grey, Heritage Green, or Wheat colors. It is only available as plain cloth (no custom sizes, hemming, grommets, etc.)

Commercial 95 Shade Cloth – Commercial 95 is a high density polyethylene knitted fabric that blocks up to 98% of UV rays. It is breathable, but not waterproof. Like Coolaroo, the material is resistant to mold, rot, sun damage, mildew, and tearing. Fabric is available in Aquatic Blue, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Rivergum, Brunswick Green, Ochre Red, Cherry Red, Desert Sand, Steel Gray, Natural, Turquoise, Yellow, and Black, You can purchase Commercial 95 shade cloth by the linear yard, by the 3 meters wide by 40 meters long roll, or in custom-made pieces with hemmed edges. Grommets can be added at an additional cost.

Shade Cloth Makes The Perfect Patio Cover

Shade Cloth

Coolaroo and Commercial 95 Shade Cloth is a great solution for providing shade and comfort to your patio or pergola. Coolaroo’s knitted shade cloth fabric blocks 70% or 90% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays (depending on the fabric you choose) while “breathing” to allow air to circulate and keep the environment underneath cooler. It is color fast and also resistant to rot, mildew, or mold. Commercial 95 is a high density polyethylene knitted fabric specially designed to breathe. It will keep you cooler and more comfortable in hot weather. It blocks 85% of UV rays and offers the same resistance as Coolaroo. You can choose from a variety of colors and can order the cloth by the linear yard or in bulk by buying a full roll. Either cloth will provide a shady and UV protected cover for your patio or pergola.