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Outdoor Golf Game for Your Backyard!

Outdoor Golf Chip Shot Challenge Game

Improve your golf game in your own backyard!  The short game in golf  is where those low scores come from and becoming more proficient at the chip and pitch shot will have you enjoying your golf game more than ever before.

Practicing with a backyard golf set will help you lower your score. Whether you are golfing with a friend or getting ready to play in your club championship, you can improve your golf score and become a more competent golfer around the green by practicing a few minutes a day or week.  All you will need is your pitching wedge and some free time to hone your short game skills and start shooting lower scores. Set one up, practice and you will gain the confidence you need with the short clubs and watch your scores drop.

There is no need to agonize any longer over your golf scores when you can improve them from your own backyard.