Shade Canopies

Goliath Shade Canopy

Versatile Outdoor Protection

One of the most versatile and useful structures for the outdoors is the shade canopy. Shade canopies, which are often portable, have four sturdy poles and a durable, weather resistant canopy top that provides instant shade in just about any location at any time of day.

Portable shade canopies can go with you anywhere and set up quickly and easily. Many come with their own tote bag, which makes carrying and storing your shade canopy much easier. There is no limit to the number of situations in which these structures can prove useful. Create a shady spot over the sandbox, kiddie pool, or outdoor play area. Enjoy a comfortable, shady picnic at a sunny park or even in the back yard. Protect yourself from the harsh sun during all day garage sales, soccer games, or visits to the beach. Many people prefer to keep a portable shade canopy in the trunk of the car because it comes in handy more often than expected.

Larger, less portable versions of the shade canopy have more permanent uses. For example, there are some that can serve as a spare garage for an extra car or recreational vehicle. They protect your vehicles from a major portion of the direct sunlight that they might otherwise be exposed to throughout a day. They also decrease the amount of snow that can pile up on your vehicle during winter storms. Enclosed shade canopies offer even more protection for your vehicles and belongings because, in addition to the standard canopy top, they have walls to keep out the weather. Enclosed structures can be used for any number of purposes. Create your own outdoor room at home or at the campsite. Use it as an outdoor play space for the kids and their friends. Host an outdoor party, and never worry about rain showers spoiling the fun.

Shade canopies, whether portable or more permanent, provide an inexpensive solution for anyone wishing to create more shade and more protection for people or possessions. They are easy to put up and easy to take down, and their durable construction ensures that they will be able to withstand many years of steady use. No matter how you use them, shade canopy structures keep you covered when it counts.

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