Porch Swings


Your Favorite Features Help Create Ultimate Relaxation

There’s something about the rhythmic movement of a porch swing that can take us to a satisfying state of relaxation. Perhaps it’s because our own parents rocked and swayed us as infants that we continue to seek out that calming sensation. Whatever the reason, porch swings help us relax and unwind. We can breathe more easily, more deeply. On a porch swing, we can let life slow down enough to enjoy the beauty of the natural world around us. We can listen to and appreciate the music of birds, breeze, and children playing.

Porch swings come in a variety of styles, so choosing the best is simply a matter of choosing the features that you prefer. Does the idea of sharing your porch swing with a friend sound inviting? Then a two-seater is a good choice. Even if you swing solo, swings with two seats give you extra space so you can keep your books and magazines handy.

Additionally, porch swings are made from a number of different materials that you’ll want to consider. Do you like the natural appearance of wood? A wooden porch swing can be stained or painted, if you like, to complement the decor of your home. The best wooden swings are made from durable, weather resistant, and insect resistant woods like Western Red Cedar or Eucalyptus. Hard wooden seats can be softened easily with the addition of a seat cushion and throw pillows made with weather resistant fabrics.

Some homeowners prefer the look of wicker rather than wood; unfortunately, traditional wicker is not weather proof and would not be practical for the outdoors. Luckily, porch swings are available in durable resin wicker. Resin wicker looks just as elegant as traditional wicker, but it is resistant to harsh weather conditions, mildew, and ultra-violet rays. The best quality resin wicker swings are hand-woven and have a steel frame, so rust is never a concern. Many also come with their own seat cushion covered with weather resistant fabric. One of the most attractive qualities about resin wicker furniture is how simple it is to clean. Most dirt can be cleaned off by squirting the resin wicker with a hose and letting it air dry. Tougher dirt requires only mild soap and a soft bristle brush.

If your porch at home is too small or is not able to support a porch swing, or if your home does not have a porch at all, you can still enjoy the gentle sway of a porch swing if you have a swing frame. Porch swing frames are sturdy structures designed to support standard porch swings and the people who enjoy them. You actually have a little more flexibility in terms of location when you use a swing frame because you can choose to put your porch swing in the garden, under a shady tree, or anywhere in the yard. Some homeowners prefer to use a swing frame right on the porch rather than bolting the swing to the porch’s ceiling.

Porch swings, no matter where they are located, are an inviting addition to any home. The gentle back and forth sway helps to settle the mind and lighten the mood; as a result, they quickly become a favorite spot for winding down at the end of a tiring day

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