Parents Unite! The Ultimate Boredom Buster is Here

Bust that Boredom with Indoor Games

Attention Parents!  Winter break is upon us, and I know the last thing you want to hear from the kids while they are home from school are those two dreaded words that have the magical ability to muster up a hearty helping of frustration and irritation — “I’m bored.”  Look around you, you may say to your children.  Do you see all of the toys, books, and other various activities that virtually crowd out everything else in the house?  How can you possibly be bored?  This is the kids’ cue for dramatic eye-rolling.

Not this year!  This is the year when every kid in the family can find something fun to do, and here’s the best part…it won’t cost much money and requires very little space, both of which are already at a premium for most families.  My favorite new fun family you-have-no-reason-now-to-say-you-are-bored purchase is the Hat Trick 4ft Air Hockey Table.   There truly is something for everyone. Personally, I love that my kids don’t come away from this table with a blank, mindless stare so often accompanied by screen-time activities.

Banish boredom!  Yes, it can be done.  Let them soak in it for a while, and I guarantee they’ll eventually head to the game table for some rip-roaring, boredom-busting good times.

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