Before & After: Design Details Make the Difference

Any living space can be turned from bland and unappealing to comfortable and inviting, and it rarely requires expensive choices like remodeling or a complete decorating makeover.  In most cases, a fresh and beautiful look can be achieved with the addition of a few simple and inexpensive details.  Here is a good example:

Before Outdoor Curtains

The photo above shows a fairly standard wall that serves as a boundary between properties.  The homeowner has attempted to soften the appearance of the wall by adding some beautiful potted ferns, but the plants don’t successfully break up the wide, visual expanse of stone.

With the addition of outdoor curtains and mounted light fixtures, though, a dramatic improvement can be seen:

After Outdoor Curtains

The vast and unappealing wall becomes a softer and more elegant focal point.  Even the potted plants, which before looked washed out and ragged against the drab stone backdrop, pop out in front of the outdoor curtains and add more visual texture and interest to the scene.

Many times, all that a living space requires to improve its appearance is the addition or alteration of a few details.  Before investing in an expensive remodel or decorating overhaul, it’s worth the time and money to first think on a smaller scale.  A very little change, as seen here, can often go a long way to improve a living space.

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