Create the Ultimate Backyard with a Water Feature

Outdoor Fountain

We purchased a charming house last year right before the economy took a big dive.  I was drawn to this particular house for several reasons, one being the back porch.   This simple small outdoor space was calling my name and I could just see a porch swing, some great outdoor furniture and lots of conversation taking place.  But there was still something missing.  I planted my favorite perennials, filled pots with heat tolerant plants and hung some decorative iron pieces on the walls.

When I added an outdoor fountain, everything came together.  A water feature adds the  magic and brings a new flavor to your space.  I found this to be  an affordable way to really top off and complete my cozy outdoor space.

The downturn in the economy has forced me to look for ways to decorate for less.  That’s not such a bad thing afterall.

3 thoughts on “Create the Ultimate Backyard with a Water Feature”

  1. Jack Graham

    You are right a water feature adds the magic to your garden. Same has happened with me. I planted flowering plants, grasses of different types, got some nice garden furniture from Outdoor Living but still I felt that something was missing then a friend suggested me to add a water feature. It changed the look of my garden and I got what I wanted.

  2. Marvin S.

    Funny you should mention the addition of a water fountain to your new home. It seems that there is an opportunity for the real estate agents give the buyers a water fountain for a closing gift. Since there is a wide range in pricing one could give a fountain that would be appropriate to the cost of the home. There is no doubt the buyers would love something like that.

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