4 Quick Tips for Keeping Garden Tools Happy

Gardening Tools

Whether you’re new to gardening or have been toiling in the soil for years, you rely on garden tools that are in good working condition.  Poorly maintained garden tools don’t last long and most likely make gardening chores more of a chore.

The best way to make sure your tools work well for you over the long haul is to give them a little TLC after each use.  Time consuming?  No way.  In fact, here are four quick and easy ways to keep your tools in top shape during the gardening season:

  • Ditch the Dirt — Remove any dirt from tools after each use.  Fresh dirt will usually come off quickly and easily when tools are rinsed with a hose or dipped in a bucket of water. Tough dirt can be rubbed off with some water and a wet rag.  If left to dry, caked-on dirt is harder to remove and makes digging tasks more challenging the next time the tools are needed.
  • Repel Rust and Rot — Dry off wet tools before putting them away.  Wooden handles can rot and metal parts can rust when water is left sitting on garden tools.  Keep a clean rag or towel handy for this purpose.
  • Ship-Shape Shears — Rub the cutting blades of pruning shears and loppers with a dab of oil on an old rag before hanging them up for the night.  This will clean off any debris and keep them workingGarden Storage Sheds smoothly.
  • Stow Your Stuff — Give your garden tools some shelter to protect them from exposure to weather and to keep them out of reach of children and animals.  A storage shed dedicated to gardening tools and supplies is a handy addition in any yard.  Using storage sheds for gardening gear frees up space in the garage and ensures that your tools and supplies are protected.

A little daily maintenance goes a long way toward keeping garden tools in good working shape throughout the heaviest months of gardening.  Keep the necessary cleaning gear close to where you store your tools.  Doing so will make it that much easier to care for your tools before putting them away.

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