Milky Way Outdoor Lanterns

Milky Way Outdoor Lanterns

Outdoor Weather Resistant Patio Lighting

Milky Way Outdoor Lanterns will bring sleek and contemporary style to your backyard patio, deck, garden, or balcony. Milky Way Outdoor Lanterns will illuminate your outdoor or indoor living space and set just the right mood for an evening get together. In addition, Milky Way Outdoor Lanterns are made to survive the elements. The soft hammered iron on these outdoor lanterns are special coated to resist rust. In addition to the unique manufacturing of these lanterns, the design of the punctured metal make the lights appear to twinkle as you move by them.

Milky Way Lanterns are available in three different sizes: Small ( 30 Inches tall), Medium (45 inches tall), and Large (60 inches tall). Choose the size that best fits your needs, or create a unique lights cape by combining different sizes and placing them in an eye-pleasing arrangement.

Milky Way Lantern - Small
Price: $374.99
Sale Price: $311.99
Milky Way Lantern-Medium
Price: $474.99
Sale Price: $383.99
Milky Way Lantern -Tall
Price: $549.99
Sale Price: $425.99

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