Shipping By Common Carrier Freight or Truck Lines

Shipping By Common Carrier Freight or Truck Lines

What you can possibly expect when receiving your order by Truck Delivery

Truck Shipping

  • Shipments requiring truck deliveries are due to the overall size of the item is too large or its weight is over 150lbs. They are normally delivered on a a large moving van or 18 wheeler.
  • Any custom orders may be subjected to extra delivery charges due to the non-standard size of the skid. This charge will be confirmed by our shipping department and communicated with you within 2 working days prior to us shipping your order.
  • Saturday deliveries will be charged a substantial additional amount.
  • Lift gate service is available for an additional charge and must be requested prior to delivery.
  • If for any reason the truck carrier determines they cannot accommodate their available trucks on your street or property, (for example are you on a cul-de-sac, a one way street, unpaved street, narrow street or have obstructions, such as low power lines or overhanging trees, etc.) and they will not deliver curbside, then the customer will need to make alternative arrangements that may result in extra charges or the customer will need to pick up the shipment at the carrier's warehouse location.
  • Extreme rural areas that are not easily accessible may be subject to extra freight charges and will be given notice to the extra charges, before shipping, so the customer may have the right to cancel the shipment and/or order.


  • You will be notified of delivery by the carrier 1-2 days prior to delivery.    You, or someone you appoint, must be in attendance at the delivery. If they arrive and nobody is there to take delivery, another charge may be added. Sometimes there are circumstances that occur that make the trucking company miss the agreed upon delivery time. It is frustrating, but it happens from time to time. When it does, the trucking company and you will then setup another time for delivery.
  • If you cannot meet within a day or two, storage fees may be applied.
  • If you do not accept delivery at times agreed upon, additional fees may be applied.
  • Failure to meet with delivery truck could result in items being shipped back to warehouse.
  • On the day that product is delivered you may need extra people to help you unload your order.  Hopefully the driver will help you but he/she is under no obligation to do so.  It is your sole responsibility to unload your order.
  • You may need to break down pallet orders and unload the individual boxes or items if needed.
  • Actual delivery dates cannot be determined at the time of order.  Delivery times are usually 3 days to 4 weeks depending on the delivery location and proximity to our warehouse.
  • Please count of the number of boxes/items that were delivered and compare that with the delivery bill.   Note any differences in quantities on the delivery bill BEFORE you sign.  This will be helpful in getting the trucking companies to pay for missing items that may have fallen off during shipping.   
  • Make a note of any damages on the delivery bill BEFORE you sign to accept delivery.  This will be helpful in getting the trucking companies to pay for damages that may occur during shipping.

    NOTE:  If you sign the delivery statement without noting any and all damages and/or missing items, we cannot, nor the shipping company, be held responsible for any lost or damaged items.

When we ship out our products, they are in new boxes with very little sign of wear other than normal warehouse wear.    If there is more than one box, the shipment will typically be put on a pallet and will be wrapped in clear plastic shrink wrap.

If there is a large amount of damage (large holes in the boxes,  contents spilling out,  missing more than 10% of the boxes, etc.)  please refuse delivery and contact us immediately.    Damages by truck lines occur much more often than we would like and more than the truck lines will admit.     We will ship you out a new shipment of your order and deal with the shipping company on the original shipment.

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