Unique Gift Ideas For the Backyard Gardener To Fit Every Budget

Solar Lighted Planter

You want to get a gift for that special person in your life, but the hard part is deciding what to buy.  Gift cards are an easy solution, but they tend to be a bit impersonal.  To find a unique gift that your friend will love and appreciate, spend a few minutes thinking about that person and who he or she is.  What does your special person do for fun?  How does he or she spend spare time?  What activities bring joy or contentment to your friend’s life?

Is gardening a favorite activity of your special person?  If so, here are a few unique gift ideas that would please any backyard gardener, and they won’t break your budget:

  • Garden Tools — Every gardener has a set of gardening tools, but having a spare set of tools on hand is a goodGarden Tool Set idea.  A unique twist on the gift of gardening tools is a gift that encompasses more.  A garden tool set that comes with a handy storage tote and sturdy folding seat offers multiple uses and adds value for the gardener.


  • Decorative planters — Every gardener has a stash of planters tucked away for use when necessary, but choosing a unique decorative planter for your gardener will ensure that it stays filled with beautiful flowers and plants year round.  Lighted planters are one example of a decorative planter that is affordable and serves more than one purpose — not only are lighted planters used to display flowers and plants, but they provide a soft, comforting glow at night.  Lighted planters are available in solar-powered or electric varieties.


  • Potting Bench — Does your gardener have a dedicated space for re-potting, transplanting, or working with plants and flowers? If he or she uses a random table top or even the ground to do this work, then a proper potting bench would make the perfect gift.  Choose a potting bench constructed of a hardy, weather-resistant wood, such as Western Red Cedar.  It should also have at least two shelves for storing potting soil and extra pots, and hooks for hanging gardening tools.  A feature much appreciated by gardeners is a lip that goes around the sides and back of the potting bench — this keeps the soil on the table top and makes it easier to clean up that spilled soil when potting is done.

Finding just the right gift for your special person really is possible.  With a little thought, the gift you choose can not only be unique, but affordable and practical, too.

Potting Bench

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