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Composting Is Not a Dirty Word

Earthmaker Composter

The word compost sometimes scares people.  We often think of smelly trash, worms, and spoiled food when we think of composting. Actually, it is a simple way you can “Go Green” in your own home in addition to the avid recycling you already participate in.

Composting benefits us in at the very least two ways.  It reduces waste and the more we compost the less we eventually send to our landfills.  And it also helps improve the quality of our soil when it is re-introduced to our gardens, shrubs and other landscape.

A great product for composting that never stinks because it uses the process of aerobic oxidation is the the Earthmaker Aerobic Composter. It is for busy people wanting an easy, green way to deal with organic waste or gardeners who want an easy, fast way of making compost.  This is how it works. In the top chamber of the composter the water, oxygen, and heat help micro-organisms (fungi and bacteria) break down the raw material. In the cooler middle and bottom chambers, macro-organisms (worms and invertebrates) work to further break down material to mulch and, finally, compost. The Earthmaker Aerobic Composter has a 123 gallon capacity and is the first continuous cycle compost bin that can produce 10 gallons of compost every month. Independent trials have proven the Earthmaker processes kitchen and garden waste at twice the speed of traditional compost bins.

Start composting today and do your part to live a “Green” life.