Cozy Up with an Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace

When the weather turns too cool for lounging in your outdoor spaces, it’s probably with reluctance that you retreat indoors for the long winter.  Luckily, the season for enjoying those exterior living areas can be extended significantly with the use of an outdoor fireplace.

For the most part, the traditional outdoor fireplace looks similar to a fireplace you might see on the inside of a home. Many traditional outdoor fireplaces are rectangular in shape and feature a mesh metal door which swings open to allow easy access, and swings closed to keep sparks from flying out of the fire. Traditional outdoor fireplaces are not boring in design, though. Whether your preferred style is one of clean lines or of romantically ornate decor, there is an outdoor fireplace to match that preference. In addition, most outdoor fireplaces provide you with 360 degree warmth, which creates an inviting space large enough to entertain multiple guests on chilly evenings.

Patio FireplaceA more utilitarian style of traditional outdoor fireplace is available, too, which may suit your needs more effectively while at home or while on camping or other outdoor vacations. These fireplaces boast a round body and sturdy, often tubular metal legs. Some models of this kind of outdoor fireplace have two wheels which allow the units to be moved easily to different locations. This more utilitarian of fireplaces offers the essential features without the fussiness of decorative elements.

Safety Note: Be sure to choose an outdoor fireplace that can be used safely in your home’s exterior living area. For example, many outdoor fireplaces cannot be used on or near wood decks or other wooden structures. While some of the portable fireplaces can be taken into grassy areas and campgrounds, an ideal location for most outdoor fireplaces would be a stone, brick, dirt, or concrete surface.

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