The Battle with the Mosquito


I just returned from a fun family weekend get-a-way to St Louis, MO.  We enjoyed the museums, architecture and a busy day at Six Flags. While traveling, I couldn’t help but notice how the mighty Mississippi was overriding its banks.  We have had SO much rain this spring in many parts of the country.  All this rain has made me concerned about the mosquito explosion that is about to come our way.  It is our responsibility one by one to try to help reduce the mosquito population by taking the time to look closely at our own yards.  We all need to check for some of the following which can make for perfect mosquito breeding:

  • Flower Pots, filled with standing water.
  • Outside Toys, turn over to avoid catching water.
  • Check to make sure outside faucets do not drip.
  • Remove leaves and debris from gutters.

In addition to the irritation that these little pests bring, they can also carry disease such as the West Nile Virus.

Nobody likes these pests, but thank goodness we have products that help us keep these little guys away.  My favorite product is the SkeeterVac.

Think about it….It’s your property, your backyard, and you have every right to enjoy it whenever you want. However, sometimes biting insects can make the outdoors quite challenging at best.

Well, it is time to take your backyard back. SkeeterVac mosquito exterminators quietly and safely reduce the number of those pesky insects.

The SkeeterVac is definitely worth checking out!  Let us know what you think about it!

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