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Hide Outdoor Eyesores with Natural Rock Enclosures

Faux Rocks and Rock Enclosures

You tend your garden religiously.  You prune your trees and shrubs to maintain beautiful shapes.  You keep your yard tidy, grass trimmed, tools put away when not needed.  So, what do people notice when they look at your property?  The unsightly electrical transformers and septic system pipes that jut unceremoniously from the ground.

No matter what you try, it’s a challenge to hide the unnatural, but necessary, pipes, pumps, and utility hubs that take residence in one or more areas of the yard.  Blocking the view of these eyesores with shrubs works to an extent, until someone needs to access what’s being blocked.  Shrubs and other greenery can make working in these areas difficult.

Rock enclosures offer a smart solution that meets everyone’s needs.  Natural looking rock enclosures completely cover what you don’t want to be seen, but they can be easily removed to allow easy access to the hidden pipes and pumps.  With many shapes and sizes available, you are sure to find a rock enclosure that adequately fits the eyesore you wish to make disappear.

  DekoRRa Rock Enclosure - Low Profile  DekoRRa Rock Enclosure - Largest Rock