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Portable Hammocks Make Happy Campers


June is National Camping Month!  What kind of camper are you?  A beach camper?  A national or state park camper?  A backyard camper?  A find-an-empty-spot-in-the-woods-and-raise-the-tent camper?  No matter where you like to camp, it’s safe to say that not every camper enjoys the “roughing it” aspect of camping, including yours-truly.

Don’t get me wrong, I like searching for the ideal scenic camping spot, exploring nearby trails, and staying up after dark to stare in amazement at the star-studded sky.  I don’t, however, enjoy waking up with a stiff back, sore joints, and a bad attitude due to a poor night of sleep.  I’ve tried air mattresses made especially for campers, but with these, a good night of sleep still eludes me.  I always seem to lay my bedding on top of the most uncomfortable patch of ground in the entire area.

Portable HammockEnter the portable hammock.  Once I found this little gem and began bringing it along on camping trips, my experiences in the great outdoors have been enormously improved.  Light enough to carry and compact enough to fit into most tents, the portable hammock allows me to sleep (or nap) comfortably and wake feeling completely refreshed.

The benefit of portable hammocks is that they go anywhere.  So, if camping is not your preference, you can still take it with you on your next fishing trip, hiking excursion, or backyard relaxation adventure.  Take it from me, “roughing it” to the point of discomfort is not a requirement for camping or any other outdoor activity.  Adding a component of comfort, such as a portable hammock, to your collection of gear will allow you to enjoy your outdoor experiences more fully and more often.