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Brick Ovens Add Luxury and Gourmet to Your Backyard

Brick Oven
Gourmet cooking has become an extremely popular past-time in the US in recent years. The popularity of The Food Network and all of its “celebrity chefs” has made the average American long to create at home gourmet. A great way to add luxury to your at home cooking is with an outdoor brick oven. Our Mario Batali™ Signature Line by Chicago Brick Oven allows you to cook outstanding meals with outstanding flavor. The wood burning ovens, available in 5 styles, come pre-assembled and are easy to install. You can cook everything from fire-grilled pizza to lobster to amazingly flavored kebobs. These brick ovens have been featured many times nationally, including on the Rachel Ray and Today show, as well as in Food and Wine Magazine. Bring this rustic, yet luxurious, oven home today!

How to Get Your Grill Ready for Spring!

Black Dog Grill and Smoker
Grilling has been a staple of spring and summer time cooking for most American families since the 1950s. There is something some alluring about gathering in the backyard for fun, food, and fellowship. Spring is here and summer time will soon be upon us. Make sure that your gas or charcoal grill is prepped and ready! Here are a few tips for getting your grill ready. Remember: If your grill is showing excessive rust or deterioration, it is time to buy a new BBQ grill.

Tips for Prepping Your Grill for Cookouts:

1) Take the grates off your grill and give them a thorough cleaning. It may take some soaking and scrubbing, but removing the dirt, grime, and excess debris from last season will give you a great start. You may want to re “season” your grates after you clean them. Rub with vegetable oil and bake them at 450 degrees for two hours (this should only be done on grates that are 100% metal and have no plastic or wooden parts).

2) If you use a propane or gas grill, take off the tank. Clean it and inspect for any damage or wear and tear. Check for cracked or torn hoses that lead from the tank to the grill. Refill or replace your propane tank as necessary. If you use charcoal, make sure that you are stocked up and ready for your first grill.

2) Make sure that your grilling area is clear of debris. Excess leaves and other fire hazards should be removed. Low hanging tree branches should also be removed or adjusted to prevent fire.

3) Replace any grill brushes, tongs, etc. that look excessively worn.

Avoid Heating Your Home with Outdoor Cooking

There is a reason that so many people enjoy cooking outside during the hot summer months. Turning on your oven can instantly add unwanted heat to your house, combating your efforts to keep it cool. In order to keep the temperatures down indoors, grills across the country are being fired up! Other than the typical charcoal grill or gas/electric grill, which have become beloved family classics, there are many other exciting options that you can use to create backyard delicacies.

An outdoor brick oven has become a popular choice for permanent outdoor cooking solutions. These wood-fired ovens are not only beautiful, but they are also perfect for cooking everything from pizza to lobster! They are a perfect way to turn your backyard into a gourmet kitchen. A Turkey Rocket Roaster is a great way to prepare delicious poultry dishes outside of your home. It has a unique roasting chamber that acts like a Dutch Oven and not only cooks a delicious chicken or turkey, but will also cook ribs, pork, seafood, vegetables, and more. It uses charcoal to cook the food, providing that great charcoal flavor while sealing in the juices. The Rocket Roaster costs up to 2/3 less than comparable gas and oil cookers. A grill with a built-in BBQ smoker is also a great way to add variety to your meals. The smoke chamber on these devices can use charcoal or specialized wood chips that smoke meat to give it a unique and mouth-watering flavor!

With any of these cooking methods, you gain the ability to cook without heating up your entire home. The clean up is a breeze, and the food is prepared with ease. Give them a try and you might never want to cook inside again!

Brick Oven Turkey Rocket Roaster Smoker Grill