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Enjoy Outdoor Games for Fun and Fitness!

Junior Titan Basketball Outdoor Game
This beautiful weather is REALLY making me want to get outdoors and have some fun with my family! Outdoor games are a great way to add excitement and healthy exercise to your family time. Basketball, soccer, and even chess can turn a regular day into extraordinary time! Even simple games like Murbles, which requires very little equipment, can keep you entertained for hours. You will get a dose of exercise and fresh air that will improve your health and well-being. Take advantage of the nice temperatures and enjoy some outdoor games today!

Fire Table Elegance and Function

Catalina Fire Table
Style and function very rarely come together they way they do in the beautiful Catalina Fire Table. Handcrafted from slate and completed with a powder coated metal base, it is a beautiful addition to any porch, patio, or outdoor area. The fire bowl itself is made of spun aluminum and the versatile design can be powered with a propane tank or gas line. The included fitted cover converts this piece into a regular table. It is like getting two tables for the price of one! Lava rocks are included. You can replace them with sand or fire glass. Made in the USA, you know that you are getting great craftsmanship as well as a gorgeous, cozy gathering spot for entertaining and relaxing.

Multitasking in Your Backyard!

Convertible Bench
In my busy world, multitasking is important. The ability to do multiple things at once saves me time and money. I also enjoy products with dual functions to get the most bang for my buck. In the office, my printer/copier/scanner allows me to perform several jobs with one unit. For cooking, a combo grill and smoker offers variety without having multiple cooker littering the backyard area. My most recent multi-tasking buy is one of my favorites! The Convert-A-Bench transforms quickly and easily from two beautiful garden benches (above) into a fully functional picnic table (below). They are perfect for my backyard. Guests can sit comfortably while my husband fires up the grill. When the food is ready, the back of the benches transform into a convenient table top with dining for six! It is a perfect solution for multitaskers like myself. The resin wicker design is sturdy and will last for years. These benches would also be perfect for camping and can even be used inside your home.
Convertible Picnic Table

Insect Control Keeps Pesky Bugs Away!

Mosquito Eliminator

If you do lots of outdoor entertaining on your porch, patio, or backyard during the spring and summer months, you know that there are many factors you must consider to keep your guests comfortable. Providing temperature control and shaded areas are usually taken care of, but do you ever consider pest control? Mosquitoes, flies, and other insects can really put a damper on your party atmosphere. Here are two choices to rid your yard of these pesky party poopers.

The Mosquito Eliminator is a useful solution that will also add beauty to your backyard. No eyesore bug zappers for you! The Mosquito Eliminator uses ultraviolet black light technology combined with specially formulated attractants to cover an area of up to 1,000 square feet. Each cartridge holds up to 6,000 insects and will last for thirty days. They are perfect for patios and decks, outdoor eating areas, gardens, and even horse barns. Best of all, there are no harmful chemical pesticides and it meets environmentally friendly guidelines.Fly Patrol

If you are looking for something slightly smaller, the Fly Patrol Insect Catcher is perfect for you. Covering 300-400 square feet, it is a great fit for your porch or patio area! It looks like a decorative wall scone, but uses the same ultraviolet black light and attractant technology as the larger Mosquito Eliminator. It will trap up to 1,000 flies per cartridge to ensure that your guests are comfortable.

Your next warm weather, outdoor party will be a definite hit with good food, great friends, and outstanding insect control.