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Pet Beds Bring Comfort and Relief to Furry Friends

Dog Beds and Cat Beds

My dog loves to spend as much time as he can outside — chasing chipmunks, barking at birds, but especially lounging around and enjoying the breezes blowing through his fur.  Unless it’s summer, that is.  My dog is what you might call a walking ball of super-heated fur.  His coat of fur is thick and black and generates a significant amount of warmth (even when clipped short), so summer is not his favorite season for spending very much time outdoors.

Helping my dog stay cool enough to be outdoors, though, has been as easy as providing him with a Coolaroo Pet Bed.  This portable, elevated bed allows air to circulate underneath, which naturally cools any critter laying on top.  The fabric cover on the pet bed is breathable, weather-proof, and super easy to clean with the squirt of a hose.  The pet bed also makes a comfortable place for older dogs to rest their weary bones and joints.   Coolaroo Pet Beds come in a foldable pet bed variety, too, which makes it easy to store or take along on vacations.

Any dog (or cat, for that matter) can appreciate the cool comforts of his own pet bed.  And, if your pet is as hot and hairy as mine, he’ll enjoy using his pet bed even in the dead of winter.