Side Post Umbrellas Provide Ultimate Shade

You don’t need a table with a hole in the middle in order to enjoy some shade while you dine.  You don’t even need a table at all.  With a side post umbrella, you can create your own shady zone of comfort no matter where you are in your yard or garden.  A side post umbrella, sometimes known as an offset umbrella, has its pole on the side rather than in the center.  One of the advantages of this is to maximize the amount of shade underneath the umbrella.

Having the pole at the side of the patio umbrella instead of in the center makes it possible to use any type of patio table or dining table, whether it has a center hole or not. You may also choose to forget the table altogether and simply place an arrangement of chairs under the side post umbrella for comfortable afternoon conversations with friends.

Most side post umbrellas tilt and/or rotate up to 360 degrees without ever having to be moved at the base, so you can enjoy the advantage of being completely shaded no matter the time of day.

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