Reclaim Your Kids: Give the Gift of Imagination

Outdoor Playhouses

In a world where kids are increasingly distracted by screens and electronic toys that make imagination obsolete, there are still opportunities for parents to wow their kids and encourage creativity at the same time.  One such opportunity comes in the form of an Outdoor Playhouse.

Outdoor playhouses are available in countless shapes, sizes, and materials, but choosing one that will last for years through many children and all kinds of weather is always the most cost-effective option.  The best quality outdoor playhouses are made with non-pressure treated wood that is resistant to weather conditions, decay, and insect infestation.  Real wood makes an outdoor playhouse feel more like a cabin in the woods, a private get away for kids who need a separate, quiet space to think, play, or read.

Outdoor playhouses appeal to parents, too, because they entice children to break away from their screens and electronic toys and become engrossed in an imaginary world of their own creation.   Outdoor playhouses also encourage healthy movement and the development of positive social skills, which, in addition to creativity, have become casualties of our kids’ electronically-connected lives.

For best effect, the outdoor playhouse should be off limits to adults.  As long as their activities don’t harm themselves, other people, or anything in nature, kids should have the ultimate say in what happens in their private space.  The only strict rule parents should consider adopting when it comes to the outdoor playhouse, though, is that it must remain an electronics-free zone.  Otherwise, the benefits of the outdoor playhouse are lost.

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