Portable Tailgating Grill Brings Swing to the Game

Portable Grill for Tailgating

Getting the most out of tailgating this season means having the right equipment for the job.  Standard portable grills are a handy accessory for tailgating, but many grilling enthusiasts wish they could bring along their trusty full-sized gas grill so there’d be more space for their favorite grilled meats and veggies.  It’s possible to combine the best of both worlds — portability and full-sized grilling capacity — thanks to the Weekender Tailgating Grill.

This portable grill is especially built for tailgating.  It has a full-sized cooking area and comes with a heavy-duty steel swing arm that attaches the grill to any vehicle’s standard receiving hitch.  What’s nice about this particular grill is that you can drive to your destination — whether that’s the game, the campground, the beach, or the neighborhood block party — with the grill attached securely to the outside of your vehicle.  After grilling is done, there’s no need to clean the grill before going home or worry that a messy grill will damage the interior of your vehicle.  The mess remains outside until you remove the grill at home.

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