Outdoor Water Fountains Are Favorites for Garden Decor

I love gardening, but I don’t really have the kind of time it takes to create the garden of my dreams.  I keep it simple, using hardy perennials and a few colorful annuals, and then I carefully choose a few pieces of garden decor to add character.  Too much garden decor makes a yard look more like a yard sale, but a few special pieces can help show off your home’s unique personality and style.

My favorite piece of garden decor is the outdoor fountain.  Outdoor water fountains are appealing to both the eye and the ear.  They combine the soothing sound of falling water with the beautiful appearance of the fountain itself.  They also attract our feathered friends, which is an extra bonus for bird-lovers.  Outdoor fountains are made in such a variety of styles and materials that you are sure to find one that fits your own personal taste.

Whether you choose an outdoor water fountain or some other decorative garden ornament, garden decor goes a long way to spruce up a plain looking yard or garden.  Just a few carefully chosen pieces allow you to highlight areas of your garden or yard that may otherwise go unnoticed.

One thought on “Outdoor Water Fountains Are Favorites for Garden Decor”

  1. Marvin S.

    There must be some guidelines to follow when choosing a fountain. After all, you probably can’t buy one and try it and if you don’t like it take it back. Location in the garden, sunny or shady, should be one factor to consider.

  2. cthomas

    water fountains are an awesome way to create flow in your yard! i am looking to get one for my front yard to take the focus off of the barn and farm behind our property line…

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