Fresh Idea: Decorate Indoor Spaces With Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor Curtains Indoors

Today’s outdoor curtains and drapes look as good as indoor ones and offer superior performance, so why wouldn’t you choose outdoor curtains for your indoor spaces?  Here are a few reasons why outdoor curtains are a good idea:

  • Indoor fabrics fade — The beautiful curtains you had custom made for your sunny living room may not look so beautiful in a couple of years as the sun’s UV rays do their darndest to fade the curtain’s colors.  Because outdoor curtains are intended for outdoor use, they are constructed with fabrics that resist those harmful UV rays and keep fading at a bare minimum.  Your curtains will look just as vibrant in ten years as they do when you first install them.

  • Protect indoor furnishings — Those same UV rays that fade your lovely indoor curtains can also do some serious damage over time to your other indoor furnishings.  Upholstered furniture, artwork, fabrics, carpets, and more are at the mercy of the sun’s UV rays.  Over time, these indoor treasures can fade, weaken, crack, and become otherwise damaged as a result of prolonged sun exposure.  The best quality outdoor curtains have a UV protection factor of 98%, so they block the bulk of the harmful rays that threaten to damage your indoor furnishings.

  • Durability and versatility — Outdoor curtains are made with beautiful, but rugged, fabrics that can take the worst of outdoor weather.  By using outdoor curtains inside, you can feel confident that they’ll stand up to everyday, and not so everyday, abuses.  Outdoor curtains make any room of the house look good, but, because they are so easy to clean, they are especially ideal for the busiest of rooms, like the kitchen, family room, kids’ rooms, play room, and laundry room.

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