Chimeneas Bring Warmth and Style


Many home owners are reluctant to retreat indoors when the weather begins to grow cold.  Winters can seem extraordinarily long sometimes, so extending the time we can spend outside in the cooler months is a natural desire.  A number of options exist for keeping warm on the back patio, but probably the most beautiful one is the chimenea outdoor fireplace.

Traditionally, chimenea outdoor fireplaces have been constructed of earthen materials like terra cotta and clay.  Unfortunately, these materials can crack and crumble over time and with exposure to the elements.  A beautiful alternative is a chimenea made from a sturdy metal, such as cast aluminum or cast iron.  Metal chimeneas can withstand the elements, and they come in a wide variety of attractive shapes and sizes.

2 thoughts on “Chimeneas Bring Warmth and Style”

  1. Ruth

    I remember seeing chimineas years ago that were constructed of earthen materials. Their appearance never suited my own tastes, but the metal chiminea pictured in this blog article is really beautiful — I would definitely consider buying one like this now.

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