Cheap Patio Furniture Covers Prove Cheap

Expert Trey Collier,  owner of one of America’s most sought after outdoor living stores,  recently shared his views on the do’s and don’ts of covering outdoor furniture.

According to Mr. Collier “Inferior quality patio furniture covers may last only one or two seasons because they are often made with cheaper vinyl or plastic. These inferior materials are easily damaged by extremes in cold or hot temperatures. High quality covers can be constructed from a variety of materials, but some important qualities should be determined before deciding. Outdoor covers should be made of a durable waterproof and UV resistant material that can hold up beautifully against extreme temperatures and weather conditions, both hot and cold, without being damaged. Furthermore, covers should be lightweight so that they are easy to use and easy to store when not in use. Some covers are backed with a soft cloth material to help prevent anything from scratching delicate furniture surfaces, which is a desirable characteristic if your patio furniture sits near any trees that may drop small branches or other debris throughout the changing seasons.”


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